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finding life in ambivalent places

finding life in ambivalent places

time for a change

Thursday, May 31, 2007

being that it's been over a month since i last blogged, i figured the best thing to do is to change my template. i like it because it sort of looks like seattle right now - summer in seattle is exquisite (except for being stuck inside a classroom all day).

so, some musings from over the past month.

riding the bus is fun. it's a great place for people watching. the later you're on the bus, the more entertaining it is - people get more boisterous when they've been awake for awhile. this morning, at the crack of 8:00 am, the bus was pretty much silent. (and it's an electric bus, so when it stops, there is literally no sound.)

summer school should be illegal. it's currently 70 degrees and sunny outside, and i'm stuck in a classroom, in fact, for the next three days straight. and i have approximately 200 pages a night to read, after 9 hours of class each day. thankfully, the sun isn't going down until sometime after 9:00 pm, so i can at least sit outside to read my books.

it's hard for me to ask for things for myself. even things that may seem, innocuous. for example, due to scheduling conflicts, i had not planned to take 4 classes this term. however, two days prior to the class, i was told that changes are being made to class offerings and i would need to take a class in order to graduate before 2010...which i'd really like to do. so, instead of asking the professor if she would let me leave early every day, and miss the last full day of class, i searched the internet frantically looking for an online class that would sufficiently fulfill the requirements. on the first day of class, i sat in, hoping to get the professor to approve my online findings, and instead, she says "why don't you just leave early and take the final exam early?" no problem. i had been incredibly stressed for 48 hours, for pretty much no reason. (of course, then i got stressed about catching up on all the assigned reading, and managing 4 classes this summer. maybe i just thrive on stress?)

i suppose that's a good re-entry into the blogosphere. i've linked to some new blogs that i'm enjoying these days, and i'll work on getting some good tunes and such as well.

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